Pricing Options & What's Included in One Hour Session

One Hour Studio Recording


Use One Hour Studio Time to Record...

  • One 60 min episode 
  • Two 30 min episodes
  • Three 20 min episodes
  • Four 15 min episodes
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Professional Podcast Studio


We Provide all the Equipment!

  • Podcast Studio
  • Pro Microphones & Stands
  • Headphones
  • Sound Proofing
  • Audio Mixing Board
  • Call-in for Remote Guests

Professional Audio Engineer


  • Your recording session includes a professional audio engineer!
  • You focus on your show and your guests, we do the rest!

Frequently Asked Questions


  • May I arrive early and use open meeting space for show preparations? Yes
  • Parking?  Varies for each studio while some offer free or valet others require paid parking.
  • Do you offer video? Yes, contact us for a quote.
  • Record my own video? Yes!
  • Do you offer other services? Yes, click "Contact Us" below

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Pick Basic Membership or Pro Membership

Basic Member


Basic Membership

  • Free Membership
  • $249 Per Studio Booking
  • Yes it's Free!
  • No Trial
  • No Contract
  • No Payment
  • No Credit Card
  • No Commitment


Pro Member


Pro Member

  • $19.95 Monthly Membership
  • $199 Per Studio Booking
  • Special Pro Member Benefits
  • $50 Savings Per Studio Booking 
  • $49 Value: FREE Audio Editing Pro Package Per Episode
  • $39 Value: FREE Podcast Jingle Opening & Closing Inserted


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Step Three!


Record Your Podcast!  Remember we provide all the tools you'll need.  We Make Podcasting Easy & Affordable!